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Respawn Studio

Group Project

Respawn provides an online art exhibition platform for these emerging artists in an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and cross-distance way. Although we are an online platform, we can make worldwide viewers communicate intimately with artists at “zero distance”.

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Logo Design

Online Publication


In the era of the developed network, the intervention of machine technology seems to narrow the distance between people, but in fact, it virtually makes people's sense of distance increase. We use sulfuric acid paper as the cover of the cover, which means that respawn was born in this era of the translucent network. However, the platform provided by Respawn is determined to span time and space. The world is viewed with each different eye, while respawn overlaps the small pixel blocks distributed in various places on the sulfuric acid paper with the pixel blocks on the cover of the book, which is screening, decomposing and reorganizing different works of art.

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Zine B


Zine A

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