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Melbourne's Living Museum of the West:

Visualising Timeline & Social Event

Australia’s first ecological museum, Melbourne’s living museum of the west is a community museum operating in the western Melbourne area of Victoria, Australia. As an ecomuseum, LMW solved the problems regarded as poor ar as at th at time, with flat and rocky terrain, a high degree of industrialization and a large fl oating population. LMW’s current social media include Facebook, Instagram and youtube. However, the content of these social media is too monotonous to attract people’s attention.


This project help LMW to improve its brand image and increase its target audiences that means let much more people to know the stories and histories of western Melbourne area of Victoria.


The Story LMW as the Eco Museum

For this timeline, the theme is  “The story of living museum of the west as an eco museum” . It is arranged projects, exhibitions and publicationson the timeline, and selected the most representative works at each time point (from 1885 to now) and put them on the visual timeline.


This timeline is a luminous device, the elements and timelines on the adjacent timeline will shine when people pass by. With the help of lights, the timeline is no longer a timeline. However, these histor ical resources communicate with modern audiences across time and space, making histor y a living history .


At the same time, it is also because the audience is walking back and forth to watch the historical records, which makes history alive. It also symbolizes the mutual connection between people and the history and her itage of this museum.

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The Story LMW as the Eco Museum

For this project, it is an online event for Instagram because LMW has become an activity promoter that can integrate content and attract fans to participate widely. In this way, we can enlarge the audience, add more young blood, and let more people talk about the heritage, traditions,characters, and stories of the western area.


Take you through time and space, go back to the past, and review the exhibitions held by LMW. My setting is to post a previous exhibition on Instagram every day. The cover of each post (the first picture) needs to be unified in style, attracting users’ attention and incorporating the design elements of “ins style”.


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Social Media Post

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