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Melbourne Cinémathèque

The project is for a contribution to a new visual campaign for the 2021 Melbourne Cinémathèque.  As we all know, the resolution of previous films was very low, from the past film to the current 4k. My idea is through mosaic to combine typography with image to show the history of movie and present  a unique treatment for the Melbourne Cinémathèque.

p.1 Poster Mock-up.jpg

2021 Melbourne Cinémathèque
A2 Poster

p.2 Programme Mock-up.png

 2021 Melbourne Cinémathèque


p.3 Screen1 Mock-up.jpg

 2021 Melbourne Cinémathèque

Internal Cinema Screen 

p.3 Screen2 Mock-up.jpg

 2021 Melbourne Cinémathèque

Digital Lobby Screens

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